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Meet Charlie

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So, I guess you want to know a little about me?

Well, I’m an open book so here goes nothing. Firstly, and very importantly… I love coffee and tea (I’m British after all). I’m from a tiny Island called Jersey in the Channel Islands. I’m terrified of any scary movies & will only watch romcoms.

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s get to the more relevant stuff…

I’ve always enjoyed anything creative, whether it’s art & design, music, fashion or writing. My creative passions led me to complete my BA Hons degree in Marketing Management and from there, fulfil numerous marketing & communications positions in both domestic and global companies.

But, the 9-5 office life wasn’t for me…

So, I took off for a year to travel the world. While travelling I started up a health and wellbeing blog, and well, it did pretty darn well!…

In 6 short months I had over 5.5 million on Pinterest and was generating thousands of daily website views.

It was incredible but what really fired my soul was designing enticing creative websites that turned visitors into customers.

By this point I had a bucketload of experience with creating websites using Squarespace, Wordpress + Divi / Thrive.

And so, I decided to start offering my knowledge and services to other small business owners.

I now focus solely on Squarespace web design as this platform is the perfect hassle-free option for 99.9% of small business owners.

I have concentrated my time on learning this platform inside and out to provide my clients with the very best results and websites they feel proud to share.

It’s so important to me that your website is unique to your business and so I have taught myself CSS code to be able to take your website to the next, best level.

I’m now privileged to work with other passionate entrepreneurs who are making serious waves in the world.

Working with creatives just like you to carve out a space online that makes their heart sing is, simply put, what I love to do!

And that is a very quick synopsis as to how Palm Creatives was born.


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